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How to Keep Your Divorce Details Private

Understanding Divorce and Privacy

When going through a divorce, many private details must be disclosed. From finances and your children to relationships and more, keeping the details private can keep your children safe and any compromising details of your marriage confidential. Here are some things you can do.

Refrain From Posting About Your Divorce on Social Media

Understandably, many people look to their friends on social media for support when going through a difficult time. However, divulging the details and saying things about your ex or your children could impact your divorce case. Even if you think your information is private, and no one else can see it, some information could still be leaked. Always remember, it’s a small world on social media. It’s also important to remember that even information given to friends and family members could pose a privacy issue should you not want others to know about your divorce details.

Request a Confidentiality Clause

Having a confidentiality clause added to your divorce papers can help you maintain privacy. This can mandate that your ex-spouse refrains from discussing your divorce case and other details with anyone else, including friends and family.

Ask The Court to Seal Certain Documents

In California, divorces are public records, and copies are available to anyone. Certain information included in the judgment, such as details of your estate and custody arrangements, is not an uncommon privacy concern. Having an experienced attorney help you ask the court to seal documents can help protect you and your family better. For example, if the details in your divorce records have documents related to domestic violence, you can request those documents be sealed.

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